Your heart leaps as you watch a large native Steelhead snatch your skating dry fly on the Grande Ronde River. Kids laugh with excitement as they land their first Rainbow on the Wallowa.  You realize you just missed a nice strike at your fly because you were too busy taking in the rugged beauty of the Imnaha canyon .  These are just a sample of the experiences you can have in the territory the Nez Perce called “Land of Winding Water.” 

Welcome to the Joseph Fly Shoppe located in the beautiful Wallowa Valley. We are a full service destination shop which specializes in a large selection of high performance fly equipment, unbeatable customer service, and absolute dedication to the graceful art of fly angling!  Let us help make your Eastern Oregon fishing experience a memorable one!

We believe that customer service is our most important product and look forward to helping you with your next fly fishing adventure! For more information about fishing, Joseph, and the beautiful Wallowa Valley explore the links below:

Guided Fishing:  In 2008 we sold our guide buisness to Winding Waters River Expeditions.  This comprehensive guide service offers a wide range of whitewater and fishing trips on some of the areas most fantastic rivers including the Grand Ronde, Wallowa, Salmon, and Snake rivers.  Please explore the Winding Waters River Expeditions web site and see the PHOTO GALLERY at: http://www.windingwatersrafting.com/  and give them a call at 877-426-7238 / 541-432-0747. 

Shuttle Service/ Rentals: For information on river shuttles for the Grande Ronde ($90) or Wallowa ($35) rivers, as well as rafting equipment rentals call the MINAM STORE at 541-437-1111

AREA RAFTING, RIVER AND FISHING REPORTS:  Grant Riche is one of the areas premier outdoorsmen.  Check out his web site http://www.fishingandhiking.com/ for great articles on area rivers (floating Minam to Troy 101, etc.).  
For water level reports:http://waterdata.usgs.gov/or/nwis/current/?type=flow

For Wallowa Mt snowpack report: http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/reports/UpdateReport.html?report=Oregon  (Grande Ronde Basin - Aneroid).


Northeast Trout Stocking schedule:  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/fishing/trout_stocking_schedules/

Check this out.  The Nez Perce Tribal Fisheries is monitoring hatchery steelhead passage on the Imnaha using in-stream counters that read “PIT” tags placed in a percentage of the fish.  This information is available on line at the site linked below.  The problem is, the information is difficult for layman to decipher.  Tribal Fisheries representatives have assured me that “as soon as  they have time” they will try to sort, interpret and post this info in a form that will allow fishers to better monitor current Imnaha steelhead numbers  - on any given date (ie:  are there enough fish in the river to justify my driving over?).  Summary reports at year end will also quantify the number and success of the hatchery run.  http://www.ptoccentral.org/dbaccess/InStrmDtctn/InStrmDtctn_query.html

For steelhead and salmon counts coming over the dams: http://www.cbr.washington.edu/dart/adult.html


For info on our wonderful community: http://www.josephoregon.com/


7/27 - Not good, except Wallowa Lake and the Eagle Cap Wilderness, or bass on the lower Imnaha or Grande Ronde. See individual

7/17 ALERT: AS OF TOMORROW 7/18 THE WALLOWA RIVER IN THE "CANYON" WILL BE CLOSED TO FISHING AFTER 2:00 PM. Due to predicted warm water temps the river will be closed to protect native fish from the stress of being caught. THIS IS A GOOD MOVE - to protect our fisheries. The river is closed below Sunrise Road to the mouth (at the Grande Ronde confluence).

7/16 Rain last week bumped-up all the rivers and fishing has been fair to good. However, Wallowa County was just declared a "drought disaster" area and predictions for August and this fall are dire.

7/10 The Wallowa cfs is only 128 cfs - about as low as I have seen it. The Wallowa has been in the mid 70's during the day. Give the trout a break and fish early and late. Or go stand in Wallowa Lake where the river comes in - the trout fishing is good. Or bass fish the Lower Imnaha or fish the upper Lostine for small bows and brooke trout. Or hike into the Eagle Cap Wilderness and catch and eat those plump little 5" - 8" brookies.

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